Evolve and Microcare Announce new Reseller Partnership

Microcare announcement
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Evolve and Microcare announce new strategic partnership, helping to enhance connectivity across Education, SMB’s and Construction.


Lancashire, UK – 2023

The family-run company Microcare Systems, founded in 1988 by Richard Maclellan and currently run by his son Henry Maclellan as Managing Director, is one that Evolve is pleased to announce an expanded reseller partnership with. Microcare specialises in streamlining operations and providing a range of essential technical solutions, including business phones, broadband services, mobile devices, and IT infrastructure, all conveniently available under one roof.

Their core ethos revolves around empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology, unparalleled service, and competitive pricing. Much like Evolve, Microcare is dedicated to delivering an experience that goes beyond transactions, focusing on a seamless blend of quality and support for their customers.

It is more important than ever that businesses are secure and connected. With digital transformation happening across every sector, in order to meet the increasing need for bandwidth and connectivity, Microcare will be utilising Evolve’s managed network solutions. Microcare will be one of the first reseller partners to utilise Evolve’s new fully managed bundle, available through the Nexus portal. Within the bundle, they are receiving business-grade connectivity, secure and compliant SD-WAN, as well as Evolve’s 24 x 7 x 365 service wrap.

Microcare’s diverse customer base includes everything from schools to defence establishments like MOD bases, legal businesses like law firms, and dynamic industries like construction companies. The business has been in operation for over 20 years. They have a team of highly skilled specialists whose knowledge of the telecoms industry allows them to traverse the industry with ease. What distinguishes Microcare is their dedication to quality.

Decades of success have been built on long-standing, genuine, and sincere relationships through being a family-owned and operated business. The telecoms industry is often more complicated than it needs to be. Companies often confuse customers and partners with technical jargon in the hopes of selling you services you don’t need. Evolve and Microcare’s values and missions both agree that that’s not how business should be done.

Evolve is dedicated to creating a reseller channel consisting of like-minded individuals who are working towards the same goal, helping businesses reach their potential through network technologies. The Evolve and Microcare partnership is more than just a business transaction; it represents two businesses with the same family ethos and values that are looking to collaborate in order to achieve the best outcome for their customers.

Visit Evolve’s website or LinkedIn profile to stay up-to-date and discover more exciting updates as Evolve emerges into the reseller space.


About Evolve Business Group and Evolve

Evolve Business Group is an independently owned company that specialises in providing end-to-end IT and managed network solutions to a range of businesses. Evolve Managed Network solutions are helping businesses to reduce costs and simplify the management of services and give business owners and their teams more time to do what they do best.

Founded in 2005, it has worked with a variety of clients across different industries around the world, building a team of highly experienced specialists to help create effective and efficient packages using any combination of different offerings. It keeps a range of cross-sector networks protected and connected.

Explore Evolve’s website to find out more about how their Managed Network Solutions can help your business stay secure.


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