Serve up Seamless Experiences: Fully Managed Network Solutions

Evolve's Managed Network Solutions for hospitality organisations help businesses retain customers in-store, boost customer loyalty, enhance uptime, and improve business performance by providing the most extensive, adaptable, dependable, and secure network available.

Managed network solutions are essential for the hospitality sector to provide a seamless and reliable network connection to their guests. In today’s digital age, guests expect to have uninterrupted and high-speed internet access during their stay. This requirement is not limited to just leisure travellers but also includes business guests who need to stay connected for work purposes.

A managed network solution provides a complete and end-to-end network infrastructure, including hardware, software, and ongoing support. It enables the hospitality industry to offer a consistent and secure internet connection to their guests, regardless of the size and complexity of their property.

Additionally, managed network solutions offer several benefits, including better network visibility, increased network efficiency, and the ability to easily scale and upgrade the network infrastructure. By partnering with a managed network solution provider like Evolve, the hospitality industry can ensure that their guests have a reliable and secure network connection, which ultimately enhances the guest experience and improves the overall reputation of the property.

Service Automation

Automation technology is working to make jobs easier and more efficient across a range of industries, in hospitality, this is particularly beneficial for those working in hotels, entertainment and conference venues. Tasks such as room service and catering can be done digitally and these orders process automatically, saving staff time and helping to deliver faster service. 

Contactless Payments

Among the most popular technological developments in the hospitality industry, contactless payments have become popular due to their many benefits for lodging facilities, restaurants, bars, and cafés.

In addition to enhancing consumer satisfaction and expediting payment processing, contactless technology is readily integrated with reward programmes.

Mobile Check-In

Another crucial topic to think about is mobile check-in hospitality technology, which may enhance the visitor experience from the moment of arrival.

This is particularly advantageous as initial impressions have a significant impact on clients' final feelings regarding their visit or stay.

Artificial Intelligence

Customers demand quick replies when interacting with hospitality companies through a range of digital platforms in the modern world. Naturally, it might be challenging, if not impossible, to have employees keep an eye on all of those channels and respond quickly. This is where robots and artificial intelligence (AI) come in.

Simple inquiries may be understood by chatbots, which can respond to them practically instantly. This eases the workload for customer support representatives and enhances the client experience. Data analysis is one of the other significant hotel domains where AI is being used. In summary, this is a tech trend to be aware of.


hotels in the world as of 2022

Customer Experience

Digitalising your customers stay can enhance their overall experience by providing them with personalised recommendations, easy access to product information, and a seamless checkout process, giving you the edge against your competition. Additionally, it can also help you gather valuable data and insights about your customers' shopping habits and preferences, which can be used to optimise your inventory, marketing strategies, and customer service.


of travellers confirm the presence of wireless connectivity before they book a room

Personalised Experience

Guest WiFi is crucial for travelers as it enables them to stay connected, access information, and plan their trip. A lack of reliable and fast guest WiFi can impact their decision to book a stay. Travelers often look at reviews of guest WiFi before booking as it indicates the quality and reliability of the internet connection. To get good guest WiFi, our EvolveODM invests in high-quality routers, ensures the signal reaches all areas of the property, and uses security to protect the network.


will not return to a property if they had a bad experience with a hotel's wireless network

Brand Reputation

Slow or unreliable guest WiFi can negatively impact a hotel's reputation, causing frustration for travellers who rely on the internet to stay connected and plan their trip. In today's connected world, a bad WiFi experience can lead to negative reviews and harm the hotel's brand. A positive guest WiFi experience is essential to ensure a pleasant stay and encourage guests to return. Hotels should provide reliable and seamless internet access to meet travellers' expectations and avoid damaging their reputation.


of hospitality businesses said their priority was to adopt new technologies in order to better serve customers.

Digital Transformation

The implementation of AI, IoT, smart rooms, AR and VR will help businesses create a faster, more immersive and more efficient service for customers. Increasing customer satisfaction and retention. 

Digital Transformation Report


Connectivity: The Missing Link in Digital Evolution.

Including keynote from Evolve's CEO Alan Stephenson-Brown

Insights from Industry Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions about Hospitality

Is Guest WiFi safe?

Guest wi-fi gives your visitors a great experience, allowing them to browse the web while protecting their privacy and protecting your businesses data. Having guest Wi-Fi for businesses is important as it provides a separate connection to your main wi-fi, ensuring that there is no risk of data breaches.  

Why is guest wi-fi important in hospitality?

Guest wi-fi gives your visitors a great experience, allowing them to browse the web while protecting their privacy and protecting your businesses data. Having guest Wi-Fi for businesses is important as it provides a separate connection to your main wi-fi, ensuring that there is no risk of data breaches.  

Is guest Wi-Fi at hotel safe?

Hotel wi-fi can often leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks or malware however, if your business is utilising Evolve’s Guest wi-fi solution EvolveODM you can be confident that your data is protected. Visit our EvolveODM page to find out more. 

How do I use the marketing data in my pub?

EvolveODM offers a 70% opt in rate, that means that 70% of people have been willing to provide you with their personal information in Exhange for free wi-fi. With this information you can customise their experience with offers for example, if you are operating a pub and know that they come in at 12pm every Tuesdayyou can provide them with a lunch time offer. This then boosts customer loyalty and retention.  

How does Guest WiFi work?

A Guest WiFi network works by providing an additional wireless access point within a home or business that is separate from the main WiFi network used by the owner or employees. This separate network allows guests to connect to the Internet without having access to the owner’s devices, files, or private network. The guest network is usually secured on a separate connection that is different from the main WiFi network. It may also have limitations on bandwidth or data usage to prevent excessive consumption by guests. The owner of the main network can configure the guest network settings to provide the necessary level of security and access for their guests while maintaining control over their own network.

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