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The Environment Policy

EVOLVE BG LIMITED Trade under the name Evolve.

Evolve is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and recognises its responsibility to manage and minimise the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services.

Our commitment

The Company will:

  • Identify the significant environmental impacts of our activities

  • Develop suitable objectives, targets and management programmes, applying appropriate operational procedures to minimise our significant environmental impacts during normal, abnormal and emergency conditions

  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulation and other requirements relating to our significant environmental impacts

  • Prevent pollution, minimise our inputs of utilities and resources and the outputs of emissions to the atmosphere, effluents to waters/sewers and wastes to disposal facilities; endeavouring to re-use, recover or recycle materials where practicable, or safe disposal where not

  • Take into account the principles of sustainable development in conducting our administrative, commercial and social activities, using the procurement of materials from local, sustainable sources wherever possible

  • Ensure that environmental responsibilities are defined, communicated and understood at all levels within our organisation through the provision of appropriate training and through risk assessment

  • Ensure that suppliers and sub-contractors understand the Company Policy and assist them in developing appropriate systems and a responsible approach with regard to environmental issues

  • Where this is practicable and likely to result in an overall improved environmental performance, communicate, co-operate and respond to the views of interested parties, including stakeholders, customers and the general public, on environmental issues associated with our works activities.

  • To strive for continual improvement in overall environmental performance.

Diversity can be described as celebrating differences and valuing everyone. Each person is an individual with visible and invisible differences, and by respecting this everyone can feel valued for their contributions.

Equality and Diversity are not inter-changeable but inter-dependent. There can be no equality of opportunity if differences are not recognised and valued.

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