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What is Fibre To The Premise?

Traditional copper lines are no longer necessary with FTTP, also known as Fibre To The Premise and Full Fibre. FTTP offers a better broadband connection for all of your business needs, requires less maintenance, and is more resilient than standard copper.

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband - Why choose Evolve?

  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre

  • Speed of Deployment

  • Scalable

Aspect Specificiation
Fibre Type
Single-mode Fibre
Maximum Distance
Up to 100 KM / 62 Miles
Bandwidth Capacity
Gigabit (1 Gbps) to multi-Gigabit speeds
Low latency (<5 milliseconds)
Transmission Protocol
Ethernet, GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), XGS-PON (10 Gigabit Symmetric Passive Optical Network)
Highly reliable, less susceptible to weather interference compared to copper-based connections
Requires periodic maintenance to check fibre integrity and network equipment
What is FTTP?

FTTP stands for Fibre To The Premise and is a type of fibre optic broadband.

How does FTTP work?

Fibre optic cables provide FTTP straight to your company’s location from your local internet exchange, a physical site where internet service providers send internet traffic.

The move to Full Fibre

Openreach are currently rolling out Ultrafast Full Fibre across the UK, alongside other Alternative Network providers such as ITS and Community Fibre. This new digital network will pave the way for a more digital and connected future.

What is the difference between FTTP & FTTC?

To connect to your home, fibre broadband requires copper cables to carry signals to your street cabinet. Another name for it is fibre to the cabinet, or FTTC. Fibre is used all the way to your home with Full Fibre, commonly referred to as FTTP (Fibre To The Premise). Absent copper wires.

Fibre to the Premises, or FTTP, broadband is different from FTTC in that it links to your home straight from the broadband exchange, avoiding the street cabinet.

Can I still have a landline with FTTP?

Old copper phone lines are being gradually replaced by fibre throughout the UK. If your landline is updated, voice over internet protocol, often known as digital voice, or VoIP, will begin to function like an internet connection for phone conversations.

VoIP, or digital voice, will offer improved call quality and better connectivity as technology advances. 

Your Business Grade Connectivity Options

Fibre To The Premise

21% more UK FTTP coverage than Openreach alone.

Speed Of Deployment

Complex Wayleave Agreements

Effective relationship-building with important stakeholders is a priority in our complex site deployments, including building and maintenance management.

Expert Project Management

Efficient communication between management businesses, landlords, TFL, and carriers is facilitated by our committed group of project managers and the Wayleave team.

Specialising in complex deployments

Experts in managing installations in complex environments

We assume all responsibility for the delivery process from beginning to end, and we'll set up an open channel of contact with your company to guarantee total project transparency.

Access to over 650,000 wayleaves local Authorities

But what about the upcoming PSTN switch-off?

When it comes to the fast-approaching PSTN switch-off in December 2025, Evolve thinks there’s no need to panic due to the number of affordable, scalable, and accessible connectivity options available, even in remote places. 

Evolve’s Commercial Director, Neil Muttock, joined IT Europa Media & Intelligence Ltd to discuss all things related to the upcoming Big Switch Off.  Neil, alongside Will Garside, discusses what The Big Switch Off entails, how it will impact businesses, the best approach to the upcoming change, and the benefits that the transition will have on the end customer.

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