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With the most extensive, adaptable, and secure network available, Evolve's Managed Network Solutions for trains, airports, and transportation enable businesses retain customers in-store, boost customer loyalty, maximise uptime, and increase revenue.

In order to give its consumers a seamless and easy travel experience, the transportation sector has a critical role to play. The transportation sector has undergone a revolution in recent years thanks to digital technology, and it is now crucial for businesses to use digital solutions to improve the consumer experience.

With the help of digital technology, transportation companies may provide customers online booking and payment options as well as real-time information on services, schedules, and delays. By offering more convenience, flexibility, and choice, mobile ticketing, personalised promotions, and in-app communication channels can enhance the customer experience.

Through data analytics, digital technology may also assist transportation companies in better understanding the demands and preferences of their customers. This may make it possible for companies to offer more specialised and customised services, improving the overall customer experience.

To remain competitive, satisfy customer expectations, and deliver a superior travel experience, the transportation sector must continue to adopt digital technologies. Transportation companies may increase productivity, cut expenses, and improve the customer experience by utilising digital technology, which will increase customer loyalty and revenue.

Ticket Purchasing

Passengers have experienced changes in the airline sector even before they reach the airport. Today's tourists can get the best deals and make reservations online by visiting any number of websites instead of going to a travel agency.

There are other aspects of air travel where the internet has been helpful. Additionally, the boarding permit can frequently be stored to a smartphone after the airline ticket has been purchased, eliminating the need for paper altogether.

Security Features

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, security has grown in importance when it comes to air travel, and technology is essential to its success. The identification of travellers through immigration and the detection of narcotics, weapons, and contraband have been the main topics of these advancements in transportation technology.
Airport security has implemented other high-tech procedures, such as 3D full-body scanners, to stop illicit objects from being brought on board. Recent advancements in scanner technology may even permit travellers to reintroduce beverages on board.
In order to verify the identification of people entering countries, border security systems are now depending more and more on technology like biometric security, which uses fingerprinting, facial recognition, and eye tracking.

Studies show digital signage for retail can increase sales by 29.5%.

To enhance the shopping experience, digital signage can be utilised for wayfinding within a store or to show extensive product catalogues. By telling your story via digital signage screens, you make it memorable and engaging. Such a connection with brands helps customers build loyalty and keeps them coming back to your store. Our EvolveWAN solution allows multiple connections to keep your business operational safely.

40% of train passengers would purchase meals if promotional coupons were provided.

With EvolveODM, our guest WiFi service, and EvolveISP, our fast connection solution, delivering promotional materials to your customers is a simple, allowing you to create cross-selling opportunities.


million people fly somewhere each day

Customer Experience

Airports serve millions of passengers daily, and layovers and delays can make for protracted stays. They need robust connectivity, payment protection, and guest WiFi to keep customers connected and satisfied. With these amenities, passengers can access critical services, receive flight updates, and access marketing campaigns. Excellent connectivity also improves passengers' overall experience, making it essential for airports to prioritise passengers' connectivity needs for a smooth and comfortable trip.


of supply chain leaders are increasing their supply chain technology and innovation investments.

Payment Protection

The increase of technology can help advance the transportation industry in many ways including real time tracking through IoT, AI and machine learning, autonomous vehicles and drones. It can also benefit an organisations ability to be more sustainable.


of train internet users perceive the quality of their WiFi connection to be poor

Personalised Experience

Train WiFi users often face poor connectivity due to slow speeds, limited bandwidth, and weak signals. To improve WiFi quality, trains can upgrade equipment, increase bandwidth, and install additional access points. Regular maintenance and updates to the system can also ensure reliable performance. These strategies improve the WiFi experience for train travellers, making it a suitable platform to push marketing campaigns.


billion people travel by rail each year

Point of Sale

Meaning a good point of sale (POS) experience in transportation is critical for providing customers with a smooth and efficient checkout process, reducing wait times, and improving overall customer satisfaction when buying a ticket, coffee or snack. It also helps your businesses manage inventory, track sales data, and make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and restocking, which can lead to increased profitability and business growth.

Digital Transformation Report


Connectivity: The Missing Link in Digital Evolution.

Including keynote from Evolve's CEO Alan Stephenson-Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions. Our team is always ready and willing to assist you in any way we can.
Why is transport connectivity important?

The benefits of good transport links are well known. Good connectivity can stimulate development and economic activity, increase opportunities and even reduce isolation. 

What are the examples of digital transformation in transport?

Digital trends in transportation and logistics include AI, IoT, autonomous cars, smart connected vehicles, location services, cloud-based systems and self-driving.  

Why does public transport need guest wi-fi?

Guest Wi-Fi allows travellers to browse the internet during their time on the transportation, whilst maintaining security and data protection for both the business and the user. Guest Wi-Fi is a separate network, EvolveODM can be customised based on collected marketing data.  

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