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Smart Solution.

Managed Network Solutions from Evolve provide an unmatched range of services to support your business, with a focus on smart cities and property management.

Our solutions give retailers a highly robust, flexible, and comprehensive network infrastructure that helps them increase in-store presence, boost consumer loyalty, maximise operational uptime, and generate significant revenue growth.

Using top-tier network technology, Evolve's unique strategy ensures that businesses succeed in today's dynamic market with a focus on security, flexibility, and seamless integration.

Firstly, a fully managed network solution can provide reliable and secure connectivity, which is essential for ensuring uninterrupted and secure communication between various devices, systems, and stakeholders in a commercial property or smart city environment.

Secondly, a managed network solution can help simplify network management, reduce the complexity of network infrastructure, and minimise the risk of downtime and data breaches. This is particularly important for smart city applications, which rely on a complex web of sensors, devices, and networks.

Finally, a fully managed network solution can provide enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. As commercial property management and smart cities continue to grow and evolve, a managed network solution can help adapt to changing needs and requirements without significant infrastructure overhauls or added costs.

Overall, a fully managed network solution can provide several benefits to the commercial property management and smart cities sectors, making it an essential component for ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Efficient Operation

Smart City technology helps cities operate more efficiently while improving services to citizens and businesses, among many other benefits for example reduced environmental footprint and improved transportation. 

Remote property management 

Property technology—more especially, remote property management—will be crucial in helping us live and work better as we continue to develop "smart cities." An improved overall tenant experience is one of the benefits of digital property management systems, especially in the age of hybrid work where people are working from home more and more. The administrative side of things will become more efficient thanks to this technology. - Brivo, Steve Van Till


Environmental Management

Without considering smart environment management, which is reliant on cutting-edge climatic and geospatial technology powered by artificial intelligence and data analysis, we cannot consider smart cities. They could enhance the general quality of the environment in smart cities as well as our reaction to climate change. GoodCore Software's Yasin Altaf


37% increase in publicly accessible chargers in 2021.

Guest wifi is crucial for smart cities, as it enables people to access digital services and applications on the go. With the rise of smart devices and the IoT, constant access to the internet is necessary. Guest wifi also helps smart cities collect data to optimise infrastructure, improve public safety, and enhance urban living experiences.


predicted growth in Smart Cities globally as the global IoT in smart cities grows from $130.6 billion in 2021 to $312.2 billion by 2026

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices in smart cities and properties require a reliable network connection for effective performance. Managed network solutions offer high-speed data transfer, low latency, and dependable connectivity, which are essential for IoT success. A strong network connection enables IoT devices to communicate with each other and central systems in real-time for critical task execution. For the smart cities and properties of the future to thrive, a dependable network is vital.

1.1 Trillion

Estimated to be spent on I0T worldwide in 2023.

Increase IoT

Fast broadband and reliable internet connections are the backbone of IoT success. They empower real-time data flow, remote management, and efficient resource utilization, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. This technology ensures that businesses can innovate, respond to market demands, and enhance customer experiences, all while maintaining security and scalability. In the IoT era, a strong network infrastructure is a key driver of corporate success.


the cost of internet downtime to UK businesses

Increase Uptime

Internet outages have an impact on business premises, resulting in revenue loss and a negative customer experience. Tenants may relocate to competitors if they are unable to connect to the internet or function productively. Downtime results in missed opportunities and additional costs. To avoid these problems, it is critical to invest in reliable network infrastructure. Fast and dependable internet connection is critical, and businesses must prioritise network infrastructure to maintain a great customer experience and avoid unnecessary costs.

500 Billion

the number of devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2030.

Payment Protection

This vast network of interconnected devices will transform the way we live and work, providing unprecedented prospects for automation, data-driven insights, and increased efficiency. However, in order to fully capitalise on the IoT boom, investing in fast and dependable internet connections is not only desirable, but also required.

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