Host Monitoring Platform

Complete visibility of your entire store network through a single dashboard. Supported by our 24/7 NOC, created by our in-house Development Team.

Revolutionising the way you view your network

Streamlined Operations

Every device connected to data centres and all connections can be monitored round-the-clock, year-round. Since Vision is updated every 30 seconds, problems can be identified, reported, and fixed in a timely manner—oftentimes even before the customer, retailer, or end user are made aware of them.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By having complete visibility, Evolve can diagnose which stage of the journey is at fault and the relevant support teams are working on it immediately. No longer relying on employees to report faults. Freeing up time and improving customer service, long queues and customer experience.


Pro-Actively monitored 24/7365

Visibility of all your External 3rd party connections – Payment Solutions, Gift Card, Loyalty, POS etc. Tested every 30 seconds.

At 5 a.m on a Wednesday, Vision automatically detects an issue with connectivity to your business loyalty platform. The Vision platform instantly raises a ticket in the Evolve system and alerts the Evolve Network Operations Center. A member of Evolve’s 24 x 7 support team in the NOC immediately calls your business’s service desk, altering and providing a description of the problem.

Your business service desk then speaks to the loyalty card provider, who resolves the issue within minutes, comfortably ahead of your business opening for the day. Should your business’s loyalty cards have been down during the peak breakfast rush, it would have led to customer dissatisfaction. Thanks to Vision, this scenario has been avoided.

Evolve's solutions are Powered By Mako; the Mako System is PCI-certified and cloud managed with carrier-independent networking.

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