Safer Internet Day 2024

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Safer Internet Day is Tuesday, February 6th. It is a day to encourage change, make a difference, and manage improvements on the internet.

The goal of Safer Internet Day is to make the internet a safer place for everyone; this is a shared duty. It serves as a reminder to stay watchful, accountable, and cognizant of the always-changing digital environment.

There are multiple strategies for businesses to enhance their internet safety and safeguard both their clientele and brand. Sean Richards, our technical consultant, shared his best advice for lowering susceptibility to online attacks.

1. The use of secure authentication

Use strong, unique passwords for all of your important internet accounts. At Evolve, we advise utilising password managers at all times. These programmes create secure passwords and store them safely. We also advise utilising multi-factor authentication.

2. Updates for Software

Since email is the primary method of malware delivery (94%), it is imperative that you update your devices’ and apps’ software as soon as updates become available. These updates frequently introduce improvements and new features while acting as protection against viruses and other types of malware. Try turning on the “automatic updates” option in the application and device settings.

3. Virtual Private Network

With the help of this technology, you may establish a safe and encrypted connection between your device and the VPN provider via the internet, greatly increasing the difficulty of data interception and access by unauthorised parties. This becomes especially crucial when using public Wi-Fi or other open, unprotected networks, as hackers are drawn to them and may try to exploit them.

And of course, training is always crucial, as 70% of cyberattacks originate within organisations.

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