Evolve have been officially unveiled as patrons for Wigan Youth Zone.

Wigan Youth Zone
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Evolve is delighted to have been officially unveiled as the latest Silver Patron of Wigan Youth Zone, supporting their initiatives and the amazing work that goes on there.


For the last year, Evolve has been collaborating with Wigan Youth Zone to be in readiness for the official patronage. Evolve has visited Wigan Youth Zone on multiple occasions over the past year, introducing new team members to the incredible work done at the youth facility. In addition, Evolve attended the Youth Zone’s inaugural business breakfast and will be attending its first business brunch in a few weeks. At Evolve’s quarterly business all-hands meeting, the Wigan Youth Zone team joined Evolve at their Wigan offices to deliver a profile piece.

In the heart of the town, Wigan Youth Zone is a purpose-built, cutting-edge youth facility that opened its doors in 2013. It gives young people in the community the chance to make new friends, experience new things, pick up new skills, and get the help they require to realise their full potential.

According to statistics, Wigan’s youth have among the lowest rates of physical activity in the nation; over 20% of them are obese, and a startling proportion of them reside in homes with adults who may be abusing drugs or have mental health issues. Seven days a week, the Wigan Youth Zone offers young people a secure space, access to positive adult role models, focused assistance for those in need, chances for professional and personal growth, and generously subsidised wholesome meals.

Since the charity’s amazing work depends on donations from local businesses, Evolve, a Wigan-based company, was eager to help.

Starting in July with Tough Mudder, Evolve plans to participate in fundraising activities throughout 2024 to generate £6,000 for the Wigan Youth Zone. Any money that the team raises will be matched by Evolve. Evolve has also promised to donate eight hours of their time to the youth facility as mentors and volunteers.

Evolve has declared that it is now a member of The 5% Club, an employer-led organisation advocating for more access to “earn and learn” job opportunities and skills training. The goal of the 5% Club is to assist all companies, including its members, in expanding the quantity, calibre, and variety of apprenticeships offered in the UK.

Alan Stephenson-Brown, CEO at Evolve Business Group, said: “Nominating Wigan Youth Zone as our charity of the year is a great way for us to support Wigan and Leigh’s young people, helping them to fulfil their potential, raise their aspirations, and prepare for adulthood. This is a mutually beneficial partnership; in the UK, 44% of people prioritise meaningful work over a high salary. Being able to show a positive impact through our support is not only important for existing staff, but it will also support our 5% Club pledge in recruiting apprentices.”

Lynsey Heyes, Head of Fundraising at Wigan Youth Zone, added: “We offer hundreds of activities to more than 5,000 members, seven days a week, all year round. But we can’t continue to offer this service without support from throughout the community, whether that be a generous investment from local businesses or donations of time by our volunteers. We are incredibly thankful to the Evolve team for their generous support, which is an investment in the future of Wigan’s next generation.”

A recent independent evaluation reported that every £1 invested in Wigan Youth Zone returns a social value of £2.19, and 81% of those who access the charity’s services feel better prepared for the future.

Evolve hopes to make a positive impact on the future of Wigan’s young people.

Go to the following website to find out more about the incredible job that Wigan Youth Zone does: https://www.wiganyouthzone.org/support-us/our-patrons/

To donate to Evolve’s fundraising endeavours, follow the link here: https://www.justgiving.com/team/evolve-mudders

To learn more about Evolve, Visit their website here: https://www.evolvebg.co.uk/


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