Evolve officially reaches 100 employees!

100 Employees
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Evolve officially reaches 100 employees!


Lancashire, UK – 2023

Evolve was founded in 2005 by Jon Shaw, with Guest Wi-Fi at the forefront. From there, in the coming years, CEO Alan Stephenson-Brown, Technical Director Ryan Stephenson-Brown, Operations Director Rob Brown, and Development Director Adam Cole joined the organisation. Evolve now offers a plethora of managed network solutions including Internet connectivity, SD-WAN, Guest Wi-Fi, and IT Support. 

In 2018, Evolve employed 9 people, and in August 2022, Evolve had 37 employees. In an article from August 2022, Evolve stated that they had hoped to double their headcount within two years. This has been exceeded in one year, with an increase of over 60 in 12 months.

In 2022, Evolve acquired Preston-based IT support from GB3 from the EG Group. This acquisition took Evolve from around 40 employees to over 80. The amazing team from GB3 are now fully integrated into the Evolve office, now operating as EvolveIT. Evolve is passionate about being ‘forever learners’; currently, there are 11 employees who are in further learning courses. Furthermore, Evolve is re-introducing apprenticeships, enabling people to start and excel in their telecommunications careers.

Now, Evolve has officially reached 100 employees. 

As a Wigan-based firm, it is important to Evolve to be hiring within the local community. An incredible 90% of employees are based in the Northwest. Evolve operates solely within its Wigan headquarters, including in-house development, a 24 x 7 x 365 in-house multi-lingual Network operations centre, and in-house IT support. Similarly, the organisation heavily encourages internal promotion. In the past 12 months, there have been 13 internal promotions as well as several roles advertised internally before going external. 

Of Evolve’s now 100 employees, 63% are under the age of 35. Evolve values the overall enthusiasm and drive that these employees bring to the company. As a generation that has grown up with technology at the forefront of their everyday lives, they offer fresh ideas and a new perspective for the tech industry. Working collaboratively with more experienced employees Evolve can curate innovative ideas and solutions. 

Research shows that workplace absences in other companies have hit their highest level in over a decade at 7.8 days per employee. Evolve’s employee absence rate over the past 12 months is an astounding 0.4%. 

Not only that, but research shows that 76% of the respondents had been off work due to stress over the past year. 

Evolve has a significant number of resources in place to ensure that its employees are happy and comfortable in the work environment. Firstly, the flexibility to work from home, subject to department. Similarly, flexible working hours allow employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Evolve offers a premium private healthcare service that allows employees to get expert help.

Finally, the people. Evolve is a positive and supportive work environment with real people, not red tape. The company aim to create a comfortable environment with each of these aspects, as well as an open, well-lit, and modern office space.

The leadership team has recently grown further with the appointment of Lee Simpson, Chief Financial Officer. These milestones demonstrate the success Evolve has had over the past 18 years, it is extremely exciting to see the direction Evolve is heading in.


About Evolve Business Group and Evolve

Evolve Business Group is an independently owned company that specialises in providing end-to-end IT and managed network solutions to a range of businesses. Evolve Managed Network solutions are helping businesses to reduce costs and simplify the management of services and give business owners and their teams more time to do what they do best.

Founded in 2005, it has worked with a variety of clients across different industries around the world, building a team of highly experienced specialists to help create effective and efficient packages using any combination of different offerings. It keeps a range of cross-sector networks protected and connected.

Explore Evolve’s website to find out more about how their Managed Network Solutions can help your business stay secure.


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