Forging a Powerhouse Alliance, Evolve’s Official Reseller Channel Launched.

Evolve launch reseller channel
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Forging a Powerhouse Alliance Evolve’s Official Reseller Channel Launched. 

Lancashire, UK – 2023

Today is the official launch day of Evolve’s highly anticipated Official Reseller Channel. The entire team is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Neil Muttock, Evolve’s Commercial Director commented on the launch “In this pivotal era, our business is thrilled to announce the launch of our official reseller channel. Throughout the past quarter, our dedicated team has tirelessly sought out strategic partners who share our values and possess the potential to revolutionise the reseller market. But we’re not merely constructing a reseller channel; we’re forging a powerhouse alliance of like-minded businesses where we will journey together towards extraordinary triumphs. We hold unwavering standards in selecting the right resellers and ensuring that our solutions truly make a difference for these partners and, ultimately, their end customers. I firmly believe that Evolve’s reseller channel is an unprecedented achievement, built upon strong relationships and supported by a cutting-edge, internally developed portal that optimises operations and enhances collaboration.” 

The Reseller Channel is designed to foster a sense of community among Evolve’s partners. Evolve aims to create a seamless stream of interaction and facilitate collaboration. Evolve’s mission is to help brands unleash their potential through network technologies.

Evolve’s aim with the reseller channel is to empower businesses to reach new heights and expand their opportunities, unlocking their true potential. To ensure this success, Evolve follows a simplistic, human-centric, and streamlined approach.

The primary goal in creating the reseller channel is to empower businesses, enabling them to reach new levels and explore new opportunities. To facilitate this, each partner will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will take care of all their business needs and serve as their constant point of contact. The account manager’s main objective is to establish a genuine relationship between the two businesses. As part of this relationship, partners will have the opportunity to engage with their account manager through various channels to discuss solutions. Acting as natural consultants, they will address any challenges and explore opportunities to ensure business success. Evolve’s account managers handle a limited number of accounts to ensure a dedicated and curious support acted upon with pace.

Evolve leverages its direct relationship with 6 alternative network providers to BT Openreach, allowing them to significantly enhance their FTTP footprint, thereby providing endless connectivity options across the channel. For example, one of Evolve’s direct customers has an FTTP penetration on their estate of approximately 23%, which is more than double the average UK coverage of FTTP business availability at 10% thanks to alt net partnerships.

The in-house development team has dedicated 200 hours per week to create Evolve’s new reseller portal, Nexus, which brings a plethora of benefits for Evolve’s partners. Through this portal, each reseller will enjoy a streamlined ordering process. They will also receive comprehensive training and support tailored to their specific requirements. The team’s objective was to ensure an extremely seamless ordering process for partners. Nexus guarantees a quick and efficient experience, with a maximum of 6 steps for order placement, encompassing all of Evolve’s offerings into one portal, making it a convenient one-stop-shop. Once an order is placed, partners gain access to real-time order tracking and automation. At Evolve, every aspect of the business is handled in-house, allowing them to closely monitor each stage and maintain high standards. Resellers have access to Evolve’s Internal platform, providing them with instant visibility of all faults and how they are being managed, including geographical views.

Pre-configuration, staging, testing, and deployment are all conducted at Evolve’s Wigan office, resulting in less than 1% DOA (Dead on Arrival) cases. An exciting feature of the reseller channel experience is Evolve’s marketing in-a-box offering, which includes white-labelled collateral such as product brochures. Additionally, the partnership opens co-marketing opportunities for interested parties. The portal is adaptable to the specific requirements of each business. As part of Nexus, businesses will have the opportunity to expand their offering with Evolve’s comprehensive suite of Network Management Solutions.

Notably, Evolve provides a support level that stands out for its human-centric approach, offering a 24/7/365 service desk solution manned by real humans who provide multilingual support. The service desk takes a proactive rather than reactive approach, with 90% of calls being outbound to resolve issues before customers are even aware of them. Over the past 70 days, Evolve’s customer service rating has remained at an impressive 100% satisfaction level.

Customisation and ease of doing business are integral at Evolve. All interactions with partners are personal and simple to use. To achieve this, Evolve provides an in-house, multi-currency billing platform that can be fully customised to suit any business and their payment terms. It also offers the option for resellers to API into the platform.

Nexus, along with the reseller channel, offers significant key features that greatly benefit Evolve’s partners. The portal is adaptable to the specific requirements of each business. As part of the reseller channel, businesses will have the opportunity to expand their offering with Evolve’s comprehensive suite of Network Management Solutions.

To enquire about becoming an Evolve reseller visit Evolve’s become a partner page or click the button below.

Follow Evolve’s LinkedIn @Evolve for regular updates.


Founded in 2005 by Jon Shaw with Guest Wi-Fi at the forefront, Evolve has now expanded to become an ever-growing business offering several network management solutions. Over the past year, Evolve has been shortlisted for several awards including ‘Service Desk of the Year’ as well as winning 2 in recent weeks for ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Enterprise Reseller/MSP of the Year’. Evolve Business Group is an independently owned company that specialises in providing end-to-end IT and managed network solutions to a range of businesses. It is helping businesses to reduce costs and simplify the management of services and give business owners and their teams more time to do what they do best.

Evolve prides itself on its service desk solution, as well as the account manager relationship established with its partners. Evolve has worked with a variety of clients across different industries around the world, building a team of highly experienced specialists to help create effective and efficient packages using any combination of different offerings. It keeps a range of cross-sector networks protected and connected.



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