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18 years of trusted relationships: Evolve’s data centre integrations.

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Evolve was created in 2005 to help multi-site brands unleash their potential with guest Wi-Fi at the forefront of its offering. Today, we keep a range of cross-sector networks – from retail, food-to-go, hospitality, transport, forecourts, construction, property, and smart cities – protected and connected.

In 2012 Evolve began deploying the Mako Networks system, which has end-to-end PCI certification, and is proud to be the sole Platinum Partner of Mako Networks and their sole distributor outside of the US.

In addition to the many carrier relationships we have built over the years, Evolve has also invested heavily in integrating to third party operators and service providers. The next step was to bridge the gap between customers and third-party enterprises. The Evolve team understood this would require a more integrated pathway and knew they could create a solution with improved security, speed, and simplicity.

Data Centre Integrations

Building relationships, identifying pain points, and responding with solutions quickly have always been core to the Evolve philosophy. Integrating with a third-party data centre, whether it belongs to a parent company or a partner, inevitably means supporting services to a business’s most sensitive information and vital technologies.

While there is plenty of technical know-how involved with Evolve’s integrations, trust is the vital part of the puzzle that helps us offer customers the hassle-free experience we are known for. While the majority of third parties would not usually allow external companies into their data centres, Evolve is trusted by more than 60 gateways, hosts and platforms to work directly within their data centres.

Where does the tech come into the picture? Adding the Mako solution to a third-party data centre means Evolve is able to control the whole process and keep up to date in real time with any actions or changes, allowing them to react with pace. Having such visibility ensures trouble shooting is done with ease, and Evolve is able to provide advanced diagnostics for the customer.


How does it work?

By adding the Mako solution to a third party’s data centre, Evolve extended its Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) into the business. This is a new, faster and more secure way for businesses to manage connections between their different locations, such as offices, data centres, and remote workers. SD-WAN offers greater reliability, and costs less in hardware and software than the older WAN offerings in the market.

  • Optimised network traffic

Evolve combines SD-WAN technology with an enhanced service and support package, supporting broadband and LTE connections with dynamic routing for optimised network traffic. This enables each of our customers’ sites to connect directly to the SD-WAN kit at each third-party data centre, keeping operations smooth and secure, while cutting out any complicated routing that could slow down processes. Our carrier relationships help reduce downtime, too, and all this is backed up by a proactive 24/7 x 365 multilingual support desk team.

  • Proactively managing networks

Integrating with third parties allows Evolve to centralise the entire process and keep up to date in real time with any actions or changes, meaning we can proactively manage our customers’ extensive networks. Having this visibility ensures any troubleshooting is completed with ease, and we can provide advanced diagnostics for the customer.

  • Innovative approach

Evolve’s problem-solving and innovative approach sets it apart. For example, in Italy, the Evolve team found that infrastructure was not suitable for standard third-party integration, or installing equipment in the third parties’ data centre was not possible.

Overcoming this setback was vital, and time was of the essence. As our talented development team works extremely closely with Mako technology, it was possible to produce a ground-breaking solution. By creating a “virtual Mako”, utilising the Cloud, Evolve was able to work around the complexities presented and ensure the business still received a best-in-class service – without having to pay for costly infrastructure upgrades. These ‘ah-ha’ moments, when a combination of dedication, curiosity and smart tech comes together to remove a business headache, make Evolve what it is today.

The benefits

What this all adds up to for Evolve’s customers is seamless integration; a one-stop-shop for secure network management that is fit for purpose for even the largest multi-site brands.

As the solution means going directly to third parties with any issues detected or general communications, customers save time as well as benefiting from enhanced security and speed. There’s no need for the Evolve team to call customers to raise alarm bells around confusing technical issues. Instead, they call them to let them know an issue was detected and resolved.

As well as our PCI solution through Mako providing world-leading security and compliance benefits, our approach of creating ‘tunnels’ to third-party data centres makes the process even more secure, ensuring that only relevant parties are ever able to access information.

Some examples of third-party integrations include:

Evolve has connected to this connectivity and infrastructure-as-a-service leader, allowing seamless connectivity to over 250 different payment hosts across the world.

  • HTEC

Evolve has extended its network into this global consulting, engineering and product development company in order to route card payment traffic for fuel sites.

Evolve expanded the SDWAN directly to Woolworth Group’s data centres to allow payment processing from fuel sites in Australia.

Using the vMako technology, we have interfaced to Titan Cloud to support reporting and monitoring of fuel tanks across the US.

Evolve interface to TSG’s key European Data Centers to allow customers direct access from sites to payment and other critical site services.

Looking forward

Evolve combines best-in-class security and compliance offerings with in-house developed solutions that make technology work for your business, and has a dedicated team ready to detect and solve any issues before they become a problem.

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