Supporting Freightlink’s business scalability with IT Support from Evolve.

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Freightlink is a leading Freight Ferry and Tunnel Ticket agent. They provide more than 1000 routes in over 50 countries for couriers, hauliers, manufacturers and many other businesses of various sizes. Evolve and Freightlink have established a valuable partnership, with Freightlink having been a loyal customer for over 10 years.

In recent times, Evolve conducted an infrastructure review of Freightlink’s current IT setup. Evolve recognised the business’s growth in the past few years and the necessity for scalability and remote work capabilities across the business.

The key challenge at hand was to identify the optimal IT solution to meet Freightlink’s evolving needs.

The Solution

As a result of the long-standing relationship between Evolve and Freightlink, Evolve’s IT department already has a vast understanding of the business and its needs for IT set-ups. Both businesses began to collaborate closely to find the optimal solution for scalability and remote working capabilities that would also work for the future of the business. After an in-depth analysis, EvolveIT presented two viable options, which included:

The first option was to perform an on-site physical server upgrade, which involved enhancing their existing physical server infrastructure. The second option was to opt for a more cloud-based solution and migrate to a cloud-based setup.

The goal for Evolve was to identify the most suitable IT solution that aligned with Freightlink’s growth trajectory.

The Outcome

After working with Pace to find the perfect solution for Freightlink, Evolve determined that a cloud-based solution was the best choice for the customer. Evolve proceeded to implement a Microsoft Azure server and an M365 Intune environment, which brought several benefits to the customer. Microsoft Azure provides robust security features, including safeguarding data and applications.

As a result of the cloud-based solution, Freightlink benefited from advanced, seamless, and quick scalability. The customer also benefits from remote accessibility; with the power of Azure and M365 Intune, employees can work from multiple locations, which allows them to embrace flexibility.

A further advantage of the cloud-based solution is reduced maintenance; cloud solutions minimise the need for on-site server maintenance.

Evolve’s IT Support solution is built on security; it is at the heart of everything we do, so ensuring Freightlink’s whole IT infrastructure was secure was paramount to the success of this project.

Overall, this transition to a cloud-based solution ensures a more efficient and adaptable IT infrastructure for Feightlink. Since the project concluded, IT Support has seen a reduction in tickets being logged by the organisation, seeing tickets logged each month reduce by 33%

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